Monday, 20 February 2012

Take what you can.

Shirt - Zara
Galaxy leggings - Black Milk
Cross necklace - Topshop
Black wedges - New Look

I think I might of finally found a place in my house where I will be able to take outfit photos! Fingers crossed i'll now be able to update daily :).

I fell in love with this shirt from Zara after trying and failing for ages to find something to exchange for a shirt I had lost the receipt for, I love the fact that it's jersey at the back and that only parts of it are see through meaning I can keep my decency. The wedges were bought in a panic when I couldn't find anything to wear for New Year's Eve, I didn't actually end up going out but I couldn't bring myself to take them back.


  1. amazing outfit. i love leggings and this shirt *.* more photos, pls ;)

  2. This combo is just perfect! I'm in love with those leggings ♥

    Xo, Imke

    1. Everybody needs to own a pair! So comfortable :)